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Use PROCECO's state-of-the-art aqueous parts cleaning systems to remove machining oil, chips, and contaminants from parts such as engine blocks, cylinder heads, oil pump components and camshafts. Whether in a lean manufacturing environment or a large-scale production, our custom-engineered systems will meet your cleanliness specifications and production rates.

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TYPHOON® MB-S Belt Conveyor Washer

PROCECO belt conveyor parts washers are ideal for cleaning parts automatically in a continuous process. Based on a modular approach to provide greater flexibility, conveyor parts washers are designed in single- and multi-stage configurations to spray clean parts and perform any additional processes if required. Each PROCECO parts washer can be easily customized by adding various pre-engineered options to enhance system performance and meet all of your cleaning specifications and requirements.

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TYPHOON® MB-D Dunnage Washer

The TYPHOON® MB-D washer automatically cleans and dries a variety of types and sizes of reusable plastic dunnage, trays and pallets in a continuous process. A hot aqueous cleaning solution is sprayed on all dunnage surfaces to remove machining oil, coolants, metal chips, transport dust, and dirt. The solution is recirculated to conserve water, detergent, and heat.

Clean dunnage exits the washer after having passed through the high-impact, air blow-off drying stage. An optional automatic return conveyor can be added to return the dunnage to the loading side, enabling a single operator to load and unload the system. Other options are available for tailoring the MB-D dunnage washer to meet your cleaning requirements.

Accu-Jet® High-Speed CNC High-Pressure Water Deburring System

The PROCECO Accu-Jet® is a five-axis, CNC controlled, hydro-deburring machine tool designed to flush and deburr precision metal or plastic parts.

At the heart of the Accu-Jet® is a four-axis, CNC controlled cartesian gantry robot designed to pick the part from a conveyor, flush and deburr machined surfaces and narrow cavities using high-pressure water at high speed, and then place the part back onto a conveyor. Cycle times can be greatly reduced with an optional fifth axis, which enables simultaneous processing of multiple part features. High-pressure water up to 10,000 psi is recirculated and filtered to provide a closed-loop and environmentally friendly process.

The Accu-Jet® is also available with manual loading station, optional feed conveyors, high impact air blow-off, and vacuum drying to provide users with a complete integrated solution.

Part manufacturers looking for flexibility, reliability, and repeatability can count on the PROCECO Accu-Jet® to meet all of their production deburring requirements.

Robotic Water-Jet Deburring and Flushing System - (RDB-700)

PROCECO RDB-700 is a six-axis robotic cleaning and deburring system designed to remove burrs, chips, and non-parent material from medium-sized complex machined components. Using high-pressure rotary water jets, the articulating robot is programmed to position a lance nozzle to deburr all the machined holes, intersections, and difficult-to-access cavities of a steel or aluminum workpiece mounted on a fixture. The lance nozzle precisely sprays a pressurized water-based solution to clean, flush, and deburr in a single operation. After cleaning, air is directed through the lance nozzle and the robot again passes through all machined areas, blowing excess solution away from the part.

The RDB-700 is a flexible system that combines reliability, precision, and quality – ideally suited to a machine shop environment.

TYPHOON®-HD Heavy-Duty Turntable Parts Washer

PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD turntable spray cabinet washers are designed to clean large parts placed directly on a swing-out turntable or batches of small parts loaded in baskets. This heavy-duty industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat, and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease parts to your specification within minutes – ideal for cleaning in manufacturing, maintenance, and remanufacturing applications. In addition to parts cleaning, this system can also be engineered for sprayed surface-treat processes such as phosphating and boron nitride coating.

TYPHOON®-HD's design features a large-volume solution tank, which reduces the likelihood of foaming by reducing agitation through pumping action, helps to settle contamination, and also reduces tank clean-out frequency. Many other design features, such as low-maintenance pumps, digital temperature controllers, and cycle timers are standard on all PROCECO turntable parts washers. These cabinet parts washers can also be easily customized by choosing from over 40 available pre-engineered options.

TYPHOON®-PC Turntable Parts Washer

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC parts washer is designed for aqueous cleaning and degreasing of small- to medium-size workpieces. Larger parts are placed directly on the cabinet-mounted turntable, while small parts are batch-loaded into baskets to be processed. This front-loading industrial parts washer combines pressure, heat, and an aqueous cleaning solution to clean and degrease your parts in minutes.

PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC parts washers also feature a large-volume solution tank, which reduces the likelihood of foaming by reducing agitation through pumping action, and also helps to settle contamination. The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC requires limited floor space and is ideally suited to lean manufacturing cells or maintenance and repair centers.

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC turntable spray washer is available in single- or multi-stage configurations including recirculated wash and rinse stages. Design features such as low-maintenance pumps, digital temperature controllers, and cycle timers are standard on PROCECO turntable parts washers. The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PC cabinet washers can easily be customized by choosing from a variety of available pre-engineered options.

TYPHOON®-PCE Turntable Parts Washer

The PROCECO TYPHOON®-PCE spray cabinet parts washer is ergonomically designed to improve cleaning tasks and productivity, with operator health and safety in mind.

Some key features for the TYPHOON®-PCE include an optimal loading height, which provides the ideal height for ergonomic parts handling, and reduced need for reaching, therefore allowing the operator to stand closer to the washer during loading-unloading operations, and an easy-to-access turntable, which keeps workload within easy reach.

The TYPHOON®-PCE is ideal for cleaning and degreasing small- to medium-size workpieces during the manufacturing process. Larger parts are placed directly on the cabinet-mounted turntable while small parts are batch-loaded into baskets to be processed. This turntable washer combines aqueous cleaning solution, heat, and pressure to remove machining coolant, oils, metal debris, and dust from your parts within minutes.

TYPHOON®-RW Rotary Parts Washer

PROCECO TYPHOON®-RW is an indexing parts washer designed for final or in-process cleaning and drying of new manufactured components. The RW is a compact spray cleaning system that can accommodate high production requirements using a single load/unload point, making it ideal for cellular applications. The system can be customized to meet your requirements by adding optional features and additional processes such as a recirculated rinse and high-pressure water-jet deburring.

TYPHOON® SI-1 and SI-2 Spray-Immersion Parts Washer

The TYPHOON®-SI is a compact, ergonomically-designed parts washer, ideal for machined component precision cleaning. The SI parts washer can be installed easily and conveniently into a manufacturing cell, and can handle a wide variety of complex small- or medium-size parts using standard baskets (two or four) or custom-engineered PROCECO holding fixtures.

The SI parts washer comes complete with fully recirculated, aqueous immersion wash and rinse. At the beginning of every wet-process stage, the rotating basket fixture is power-sprayed by V-jet spray nozzles filling the immersion tank. Basket rotation during immersion and power-spraying ensures precision cleaning and complete removal of contamination. Following all wet-process stages, the parts are sprayed without immersion, thereby ensuring that they will not be recontaminated.

A high-pressure regenerative blower removes most of the water from the parts; an optional heater is also available.

The TYPHOON® SI-1's cleaning chamber has a capacity of two standard baskets while the SI-2 model has four-basket capacity per batch.

TYPHOON® SI+ Spray-Immersion Parts Washer for Large Complex Parts

This larger version of the spray immersion parts washer is designed for precision cleaning of large complex parts such as cylinder blocks or heads. The SI+ parts washer features triple-action cleaning technology that combines high-impact spray, turbulent immersion with rotation, and forced flushing to remove machining oil and coolant, grease, and metal chips from newly-machined or prior-to-rebuild parts. This parts washer uses fully recirculated, filtered, hot aqueous cleaning solutions for maximum energy efficiency and reduced water usage.

Workpieces are loaded through a large top cover or front door onto a custom-engineered fixture. The fixture can be designed to receive single large parts, a multitude of smaller parts, or a combination of both.

The TYPHOON® SI+ parts washer is available in three sizes with options such as top or front loading, automatic part transfer, rinse stages, and sludge removal. The TYPHOON® SI+ produces clean and dry parts at minimal cost, and can be configured to meet your specific cleaning needs.

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