• Landing gear must be properly cleaned as part of the manufacturing process to remove solid contaminants that could damage seals during normal operation. Landing gear may also need cleaning before heat treatment, painting, or subsequent surface treatments.
  • Landing gear requires cleaning during the manufacturing process to remove machining chips and coolants before assembly. In some cases, landing gear must be cleaned prior to subsequent surface treatment, in which case thorough rinsing of the part is critical.
  • PROCECO has designed many systems for OEM manufacturers of new landing gear or companies that perform landing gear maintenance and overhaul.
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The PROCECO TYPHOON®-HD heavy-duty turntable washer cleans landing gear. Operators place workpieces directly on the turntable or on a custom-designed work fixture. During the washing cycle, the turntable rotates and exposes the parts to high-pressure spray jets from the top, bottom, and sides. PROCECO can configure the TYPHOON®-HD to meet various process requirements.

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For larger landing gear, PROCECO offers the TYPHOON®-VRCP Vertical Reciprocating Nozzle Frame washer. Operators mount the landing gear vertically in the TYPHOON®-VRCP cabinet then spray manifolds oscillate up and down to spray the entire surface of the part. PROCECO can also configure the TYPHOON®-VRCP to meet specific process requirements.

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