Reciprocating Nozzle Frame Washer

  • PROCECO first introduced the RCP – Reciprocating Nozzle Washer in the early nineties to tackle the tough parts cleaning requirements of diesel engine rebuilding, where the removal of tenacious soils such as carbon, and grease are necessary.
  • The PROCECO RCP features a stationary heavy-duty workpiece platform and a reciprocating nozzle manifold which fully surrounds the workpiece – moving back-and-forth, to deliver a powerful spray from end-to-end.
  • Available in single- and multi-stage configurations, the RCP design is more effective than a turntable washer for cleaning heavy rectangular shaped parts such as engine blocks since the spray enclosure is designed to bring the spray nozzles in close proximity of the workpiece allowing for superior spray impingement and cleaning performance.
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TYPHOON®-RCP is a batch-type power-spray cabinet washer designed to clean large, heavy workpieces while taking up minimal floor space. Typical applications include cleaning of large diesel engine blocks, hydraulic components, and dies.

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