Locomotive engine washers

  • PROCECO is the pioneer in locomotive engine block cleaning. For more than 30 years Proceco has been the number one choice for cleaning large diesel engine blocks for both OEMs and heavy hauls railroads.
  • PROCECO understands cleaning large heavy workpieces and the engineering know-how required to get the job done safely and efficiently, without touch-ups or rework.
  • All engine washers feature efficient material handling, high horsepower / low maintenance pumps for superior spray impingement, and large volume tanks for extended solution life.
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LEW Locomotive Engine Washers are engineered to wash and rinse diesel engine blocks mounted into a rotary fixture; oil pans deposited on the cabinet platform. A wide range of options such as sludge conveyor are available to enhance performance and increase production.

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TYPHOON®-RCP is a batch-type power-spray cabinet washer designed to clean large, heavy workpieces while taking up minimal floor space. Typical applications include cleaning of large diesel engine blocks, hydraulic components, and dies.

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PROCECO develops aqueous cleaning systems that go beyond cleaning, by seamlessly integrating a wide range of processes and features that dramatically improve your productivity and profitability.