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PROCECO is a North American technology leader in its field, a team of seasoned experts. PROCECO offers an unmatched level of experience as a single-source specialist in parts cleaning, surface treatment, high-pressure water jet deburring, and slurry blasting systems. PROCECO's expertise in machine design, engineering, and aqueous cleaning provides superior, integrated cleaning solutions for various industry sectors worldwide including: automotive, aerospace, general manufacturing, rail and transit, general metal manufacturing and the military.

From defining and proofing processes in its state-of-the-art test lab, to manufacturing, installing, and commissioning systems, PROCECO is committed to providing customers with integrated cleaning solutions that deliver superior performance and reliability.

PROCECO doesn't make just any kind equipment. In a world rapidly becoming aware if its need for environmental care, PROCECO's leading-edge core technology is ecologically friendly, using water with a small percentage of bio-degradable detergents in closed-loop re-circulated systems. The cleaning power of its equipment is augmented with heat, spray pressure, spray volume, mechanical or ultra-sonic agitation and abrasive slurries. PROCECO helps its customers to be socially responsible and to protect our world.

PROCECO customers benefit from significant added value through the integration of additional process steps upstream and downstream of cleaning — enabled with automation and software, on a single-source turnkey basis.

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